Diverse consulting.

Businesses, freelancers and self-employed persons

Our services for businesses and freelancers/self-employed persons are not restricted to the often complex tax matters arising on German soil.

Our range of services in this area includes:

Tax consulting

  • Drafting annual and group end-of-year statements
  • Drawing up business tax returns
  • Help and support for business tax audits
  • Managing appeals and proceedings in the tax courts
  • New: Support when drawing up an e-balance

Current financial accounting and payroll

  • Drawing up periodical accounts with fixed assets accounting (including company appraisals on request)
  • Drafting and performing advance VAT notification
  • Doing up payroll (including processing payment transactions on request)
  • Drafting notifications to social insurance bodies
  • Salary notifications
  • Help and support for salary and social insurance audits

Business consulting

  • Consulting for selecting the legal form
  • Investment and finance accounting
  • Liquidity accounts
  • Representation at credit institutes
  • Company appraisals
  • Consulting for the self-employed (developing business plans)